By Land...


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Along with ample on-street
metered parking, there are two
free municipal parking lots.

Turn right at the base of
Broadway just before Mariners Harbor. Parking lot is on the left behind the restaurant.

Turn left at the base of Broadway onto West Strand. Parking lot is
on the left underneath the bridge.

By Sea...


When traveling North or South on the Hudson River Turn West at the Kingston/Rondout Creek Lighthouse ARLHS USA 702, USA-702, USA 702 Coordinates: LAT: 41° 55.2' N, LON: 073° 57.7' W

Remember the Hudson River is tidal with a 5' swing every 6 hours.

Entering The Rondout Creek
The Rondout Creek/Kingston Harbor is accessed from the west shore of the Hudson River at the Rondout lighthouse.

The entrance to the harbor is marked by the lighthouse on the north side and a green day marker and light on the south side.

The entrance markers are clearly visible and you should stay in the middle as you enter, remembering that on an outgoing tide you will be pushed hard south in the eddies that form where the Rondout Creek and the Hudson River meet. You must be prepared to power through this short stretch.

The entrance is lined by 2 stone seawalls which are visible most of the time but are underwater at high tide.

Traveling the Creek toward Kingston City Marina
As you get to the end of the seawalls, favor the north or right side of the creek as there are sunken barges along the south shoreline.

Stay to north or right side of the channel as you come in and you will have 12-16 feet of water all the way.

Kingston City Marina is on the north or right side between the two bridges (first is the modern Route 9W Overpass and just beyond it, the historic Roebling Bridge.

Call on channel 16 and we will switch you to a working frequency or call us at (845) 331-6940.

It may look like you are going in to a funky area as the entrance is lined by old and abandoned industrial sites, but once you get past the sunken dry-dock on the north shore, you will begin to see signs of civilization and the beauty of the Rondout Creek will begin to unfold.

There are sometimes bald eagles feeding in the wetland area outside the north seawall…look for a male standing on a log searching for small fish. As you pass the sunken dry-dock favor the right side of the channel and follow the creek to the first bridge.

The creek continues on for another mile and a half through areas of marinas, an operating ship repair and drydock, and an abandoned stone quarry. It ends at the waterfalls where once stood a lock connecting the upper Rondout Creek to Pennsylvania coal country.

There are a few channel markers as you progress in to the creek, but it would be prudent to get some local advice before you venture all the way up as there are some very shallow areas that you need to avoid.